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Panorama Studio

Accommodation only
With an area of 50 m2, this bold Studio has a wide and distinct layout

With an area of 50 m2, this bold Studio has a wide and distinct layout and is oriented towards the valleys that connect Funchal to the mountain.

A house for two, wide, with a bold and relaxed spirit. With the right size to make the best of three: enjoy, rest, discover. Enjoy the comfort of this studio with eyes facing the mountain. Rest, slowing down the pace and hitting the new step, the one that lets us breathe. Discover the aromas and flavors of the region. No rush, but as if we were at home.

1 bedroom apartment

Accommodation only
With areas around 55m2, each apartment has a kitchen / living room.

With areas around 55m2, each of these apartments has an open plan kitchen / living room. Bright rooms, decorated in natural tones.

Natural tones and light, lots of light. In the room, we get what we want. The good conversation of the wineglass in hand. The taste of a delicacy discovered on the afternoon stroll through the streets of Funchal. A fresh product bought in the morning at Mercado dos Lavradores. A regional sweet shared by the neighbor next door. This is how the open space that joins living room and kitchen invites us. It also unites conviviality and a smile. Like at home.

Superior 1 bedroom apartment

Accommodation only
Large apartments measuring 65m2, including kitchen / living space

Large apartments with an area of 65m2, include kitchen / living space with a 4 seater sofa with the possibility of a sofa bed and pull-out bed. Decor in natural elements, bright rooms with views of the city and the mountains that form the bay of Funchal.

The place for three. A family of three, three friends, three. Three people willing to share, to live, to live together, overlooking the city and the mountains. The union takes place in the large living room and kitchen; privacy, in rooms full of light. All in natural tones, with natural elements that convey serenity and tranquility. Outside, we find another life. The vibrancy of the city. And, at the top, immensity. The terrace of dreams. Inside, the refuge. The House.

2 bedroom apartment

Accommodation only
Two bedroom sleeping apartment with a total area of 90 m2

Two bedroom apartment to sleep with a total area of 90 m2, consisting of a large living area and kitchen in open space, with views of the city and mountain. A master bedroom with a private bathroom.

By day, the natural light that awakens. At night, the warm light that snuggles. In these rooms, light reigns, comfort shines. In this house, memories, roots are created. Family memories. That special lunch with the recipe they gave us after morning shopping on the streets of Funchal. The evenings at the pool, enjoying a cocktail, until the sun goes down and it's time to return. The House.

Superior T2 Apartment

Accommodation only
Spacious and bright apartment with two bedrooms, one with a bathroom.

Spacious and bright apartment with two bedrooms, one with a private bathroom. A total area of 95m2 including a large living area with sofa bed with pull-out bed, window niche and work desk. A large kitchen with an open plan breakfast bench for four. Area dedicated to laundry and storage.

A great space for large families. A house where we can continue to be ourselves. Where different tastes and styles coexist in harmony. Where there is room to be, without having to change. This house invites you to appreciate the richness of greatness. The joy of the full table at breakfast. With fresh bread, fruit, coffee. The heat of the full sofa, legs intertwined and heads resting. The comfort of two bright rooms. Like at home.